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Telebehavioral Health is a remote mental health service.

The delivery of mental health care services using technology, such as videoconferencing, computer programs, and mobile applications, led by mental health providers, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and marriage and family therapists.


Recently, there has been an increase in Telebehavioral Health services. Because physical contact with mental health clients is generally not necessary, it seems that Telebehavioral Health is a good fit for mental health practices. The use of large computer screens may actually enhance the level of communication between the client and the clinician.

The many benefits to telebehavioral health consumers include:

  • Convenience.

  • No waiting room.

  • Weekend and evening appointments.

  • Don’t have to take off of work or pull kids out of school to commute to an appointment.

  • Choice. No longer limited to the behavioral health providers just within driving distance.


If a person is concerned about the stigma associated with going to the office of a mental health provider, they can meet with that provider remotely. Because there is a shortage of mental health providers, having the opportunity to see individuals remotely may actually make it easier for clinicians to see more clients (Luxton, Nelson, & Maheu, 2016).

Dr. Marlene Maheu Interview

Dr. Marlene Maheu is a licensed psychologist and practicing clinician. She is the founder of the Telebehavioral Health Institute and the originator of the Framework for Telebehavioral Health Competencies for Ethical Telebehavioral Health and Online Counseling. Dr. Maheu is the author of many books, including A Practioner’s Guide to Telemental Health: How to Conduct Legal, Ethical and Evidenced-Based Telepractice.


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