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Welcome to Therapy Show!
Dr. Bridget Nash's Mission is to Demystify the Mental Health System

The mission has three parts:  

First to explain, in accessible terms, the various psychotherapy modalities clinicians use to to treat you;

Second, to describe the different levels of treatment found in the mental health system; and

Third, to give you a general understanding of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders.

"There is a difference between what I call coffee-clutch therapy, where a person attends talk therapy without experiencing real change, and evidenced-based therapy, where a therapist is trained in theory and practice methods that have been proven to be effective by extensive research."

To learn more, listen to Therapy Show's Host, Dr. Bridget Nash, explain the mission. Dr. Nash is a graduate of Rutgers School of Social Work and Columbia University, is a clinically trained medical-psychiatric social worker and also teaches clinical courses to MSW students at Rutgers School of Social Work.

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